Møbler is dedicated to the mid century design, essentially devoted to scandinavian design, offering only original items signed by authors such as Kai Kristiansen, Arne Vodder or Niels O. Møller, as well as unsigned items or designed by unknown authors if they retain the characteristics that make them unique and appealing. Also, we are increasingly fascinated by the symbiosis between the industrial design, rustic items and classical mid century modern, stocking an ever growing selection of true industrial and salvaged items sourced from all over Europe.Besides all this, Møbler seeks to play an active role in the support and dynamization of the culture and the arts, as well as of the community in which we operate, having already been the stage of diverse exhibitions and concerts. Møbler’s furniture and objects are fully available to let to cinema, theatre or advertising. Please bear in mind that all the items we have available are at least some 30 years old as we only deal with originals and even after the restortion work that may have been done it is natural that they show signs of use or wear in accordance with their age.

Rua Nova da Piedade, 41, 1200-296 Lisboa
Tuesday to Saturday 14:30 – 19:00
Tel. +351 965 396 982/+351 914 335 953